Examples of types of insurance

a) Health Insurance

Health insurance covers everything related to medical and dental costs

b) Income Protection Insurance or unemployment insurance

1.- Compensation insurance
2.- Disability insurance
3.- Long-term disability insurance
4.- Overload insurance

c) Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle insurance covers accidents in which the insured suffers damage, a common example: a vehicle accident

d) Life Insurance
Life insurance covers instances such as the funeral, burial and other expenses that may be incurred at the time of death, in addition to providing an economic benefit to the family of the affected person or to the persons indicated in the insurance

e) Casual Insurance

1.- Political risk insurance
2.- Insurance for terrorism
3.- Insurance for crime or dangerous area

Types of insurance companies

a) Health insurance companies
b) Life insurance company
c) Property and casualty insurance company

In addition, there are general insurance companies that cover all possible insurance options.

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